Turkey Meatballs (Whole30 Compliant)

My wife doesn’t send me links to websites. She takes screenshots of websites on her phone and sends them to me. I’ve made this recipe many times but had no idea where it came from.  It took some work, but we finally found the source.


Get the full recipe at Fashionable Foods.


I made a couple of changes to the recipe:

  • Only half an onion, using the large grate. You might want to put the grated onion in a strainer and drain it.
  • I use 1 teaspoon dried parsley, because I’m lazy.
  • I add 1 teaspoon dried basil to the mix instead of using fresh basil for garnish. Again, lazy. Also it’s good.
  • I use 1lb of 93% lean ground turkey instead of 1.5lbs.

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