What is this?

It’s a food blog.

…why? There’s like a billion food blogs out there already.

Whenever my wife finds a recipe, she takes screenshots of the website. She keeps all of these screenshots in an organized album on her phone, but then she sends them to me and I… do not have her organizational skills. Recipes get buried among pictures of corgis and cats and motorcycles and she has to send them to me again. And again. And again.

Some time in early 2017, I started writing a recipe keeper webapp. It sort of worked, but I never finished it and she never used it. I finally abandoned the half-baked (heh) app and started storing recipes in this blog instead.

The food will never look as pretty as photographers make it look and I am not a wordsmith. I’m just a dude who likes metal, motorcycles, and food, who needed somewhere to store a bunch of recipes.

Wait, if this is a food blog, where’s the pictures of the damn food?

I’m migrating all these recipes from an app that didn’t support photos, so I never took pictures of my food. I’m going to have to cook all my old recipes just so I can take pictures and I’m not going to do it all at once. It might take a while to update the old posts.

That reminds me, what’s with the youtube links?

All home cooked meals should be accompanied by music. I just like my music a little more… aggressive.

Play it loud and try not to get grease splatter on your Slayer t-shirt.

I hate the music.

So does my wife.